A web page titled Resources would ordinarily contain links to other webpages on the topic of Zen, plus lists of books and organizations and so forth.

The only resources that will make a difference to your practice of Zen are the Buddha (represented by any competent Zen teacher), the Dharma (the teaching which you cannot understand in the absence of your own Zen practice) and the Sangha (your fellow practitioners who will share their lives with you, their stories, their insights, their humor and their pain, so that you will not journey alone).

What about the books and webpages and stuff? You can go look them up elsewhere. We’re only about actual Zen practice around here.


Center News

  • Zen Services

    Twice-weekly Zen services, Wednesday evening at 7pm and Sunday morning at 10am, are great opportunities for you to come and learn this practice and do it in a supportive group environment. more

  • Welcome to Our New Website!

    We have totally re-vamped our website. Please come take a look around. This is our presence on the web. But our greater presence as a practicing Zen group is in face-to-face meetings. Our Zen Center is dedicated to meditation, wisdom-inquiry, and … more

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