There are three aspects of practice which are derived from the Buddha’s Eightfold Path, called the Three Trainings

  • Sila (discipline; morality)
  • Dhyana (concentration; meditation)
  • Prajna (wisdom; inquiry).

The way of Zen combines these three into a seamless whole.

You can find any number of books and webpages and videos about Zen and other Buddhist practices. But none of them can substitute for actually DOING the practice under the guidance of an accomplished teacher, usually within the social context of a sangha, or practice community. Reading is not enough. Thinking through it all is not enough. Besides, you can’t figure this out anyway!

Zen practice transforms the practitioner. You must do it and see.

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  • Zen Services

    Twice-weekly Zen services, Wednesday evening at 7pm and Sunday morning at 10am, are great opportunities for you to come and learn this practice and do it in a supportive group environment. more

  • Welcome to Our New Website!

    We have totally re-vamped our website. Please come take a look around. This is our presence on the web. But our greater presence as a practicing Zen group is in face-to-face meetings. Our Zen Center is dedicated to meditation, wisdom-inquiry, and … more

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