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What is Zen?

Zen is direct pointing to Reality. It has been said that Zen is like a finger pointing at the moon, where the moon stands for Reality Itself. The objective is not to stare at the finger, but to see the moon.

Our lineage link to the Buddha ancestors is through Rev web trading platform. Soyu Matsuoka-Roshi in the Soto Zen tradition, his student Rev. Ken McGuire-Roshi, and his student Rev. Daiho-roshi.

Our teaching is not limited to our lineage, however. We teach the high Dharma of the Great Tradition of human spirituality web based trading platform, without regard to sectarianism or doctrinal limitations.

Please explore our site and if you have any questions send email to me at the link address below.

May all beings Awaken!

Rev. Michael "Gozen" La Torra-sensi,
Abbot emeritus of the late Zen Center of Las Cruces

Email: sogozen@gmail.com


Center News

  • Zen Center of Las Cruces is now closed

    We have closed for good. Thank you for your interest. You may practice Zen in this area with:

    Clear Mind Zen Temple

    642 South Alameda Boulevard, Suite E

    Las Cruces, NM 88005


  • Looking deeper

    Spiritual teachers and teachings we recommend that go beyond the superficial:


    Gary Weber


    Kenneth Folk


    Daniel Ingram

    http://integrateddaniel.info/ … more

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